About Us

Who We Are

Nguzo Consultants Limited is a team of experts in the fields of Finance; Sales and Marketing; Leadership; Business Analytics; Customer Relationship Management; Customised Corporate Training; Branding; Administration; Effective Communication; Customer Centric Servicing; Taxation Management; Regulatory Advocacy and Compliance Management, who have come together to offer relevant, affordable, accessible training and mentorship solutions to Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs in Kenya.
Vision Statement
We dream of it being said of us: “You played a critical role in the growth of sustainable businesses and creation of employment and business opportunities, especially for Youth and Women”.
Mission Statement
To promote the entrepreneurial spirit in Kenya and the Region by supporting Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs to generate feasible business ideas, grow sustainable businesses and improve the quality of their lives and those around them, while striving towards financial independence and a stable physical and socio-economic environment.
Our Values
• Integrity
• Client Centricity
• Professionalism
• Teamwork
Target Market
  1. Business people in the different sectors of the economy.
  2. Start Ups and those in employment looking forward to becoming entrepreneurs.
  3. Corporates looking to build capacity for their employees and clientele.
Our Focus
  1. To impact the economic and employment landscape in Kenya and the Region by contributing to the growth of the different sectors, based on sustainable and solid business principles.
  2. Support business people in their quest to creating sustainable businesses that will offer employment to many and also enable them provide for their families and future generations.
  3. Work with potential entrepreneurs who desire to run businesses by providing them with practical tools, skills and mentorship that will enable the success of their enterprises.
  4. Contribute to the shaping and shifting of mind-sets so that we have more people open to becoming employers by running their own businesses as opposed to employment. The focus here is mostly on the Youth, Women and Differently-Abled individuals; equipping them with practical entrepreneurial tools and skills that make it possible for them to start their own businesses.

The Team

The Team comprises of 7 individuals with different strengths, capabilities, passion points and experiences. Their collective skills and experience span an average of 20 years. They believe they have a unique offering that will be of benefit to individuals that want to become entrepreneurs, business persons and corporates.

The Team believes that’s the answers lie with Individuals, Entrepreneurs, Business People and Organisations. Using facilitation, training, mentoring and coaching; they tap into the Clients’ experiences, observations, knowledge, dreams and aspirations interspersed with market knowledge and knowhow. This not only provides for an engaging and interactive learning session, it also makes it relatable and practical with actionable outcomes that one can Implement and get results.

All Nguzo Consultants team members are Certified Trainers with the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in the Start and Improve Your Business program (ILO – SIYB)